The variation in the colour of Marine Phytoplankton Nannochoropsis

Green Growth’s Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis strain produces the highest percentage of the EPA fatty acid of any Nannochloropsis offered commercially today. .Green Growth has listened to all their customer requests regarding how they value quality in Marine Phytoplankton and the most requested comment to that the “EPA content” is the most import attribute they are looking for. 

One of the particular things about Marine Phytoplankton and also this strain, is that it follows a general rule. The higher the EPA % content in the strain, the less the content of chlorophyll (green in colour) in the strain. As the product colour becomes more olive, this correlates with the biomass being a different shade of Green, moving into a more olive colour.
We have supplied a chart to show the correlation between all our recent batches of Marine Phytoplankton we have produced. You can see the ratio of each batch of Chlorophyll (green colour) and EPA, which determines the colour variation between a range of Green to Olive colour of the product.

Overview % – Car./ Chl. and EPA in batches

Chlorophyll Carotenoids EPA Colour
4,14 1,29 2,84 Green
3,72 1,08 4,84 Olive
3,24 0,97 1,85 green
2,5 0,89 3,78 Olive/green
3,24 0,97 7,6 Olive
2,95 1,19 8,15 Olive

Summary of the this analysis
The more olive ( and less green ) Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis biomass is, the higher the most valued EPA nutritional component is in the biomass. A bright green product does not mean the best quality nutritional product. In fact the more olive the product looks, the better the nutritional quality is. 


Juice Bars- A Healthier Alternative

By Stephanie Clarke

In today’s busy schedule, finding a healthy on the go drink or meal becomes difficult. Juice bars are useful alternatives that have garnered a lot of popularity in recent times. Today it has become quite common to see a lot of young corporate workers spending a lot of their time in these outlets giving their body a surprising healthy drink that the body doesn’t often expect.
The growth of these juice bars has led to a lot of changes in them. Several juice bars started with a mere fresh vegetable and fruit juice and are today serving several different healthy green eatables ranging from salads to sandwiches. However there are a certain set of health drinks that have gained more popularity than others. It could either be their taste or the benefits they provide to their health.
–    Nearly every juice shop has this in their menu today and it has become a very common addition in many people’s diet today. Apart from being a refreshing part of ones meal they also are a great to be included into ones diet. Here are a few reasons why smoothies are extremely popular today.  shop

–    Smoothies are an easy way to include fruits and vegetables into your diet. The daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in the body are a hard demand to compensate and despite people’s best efforts they aren’t able to satisfy this due to their hectic lifestyle.

–     Lifestyle improvement in terms of healthiness is something that smoothies have shown to provide. Study shows that smoothies help people meet their daily requirements of fruits and vegetables to the maximum extent which does not happen in other cases. Also there has been a major change in these people’s disease pattern as they haven’t had problems due to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Super shots are drinks made from high powered plants like ginger, wheatgrass, Acai Berry, Aloe Vera, Noni, Marine Phytoplankton etc.

–    Recent trends have shown that people have taken a liking to these juices and there is a huge increase in their sales. There are several benefits of consuming these juices.

– Super shots are different from juices as they are able to preserve the nutrients present in the above mentioned plants without destroying them as in regular juices. This means that a person can get all the necessary requirements with ease.

– Also consuming these high powered plants in food and other eateries is not easy as only a small amount is used in preparation.
Algae Marine Phytoplankton
Plankton for long has been one of the most commonly used ingredients in health drinks. Though most plankton aren’t as healthy as they seem. Researchers have now come up with a much greater version of plankton known as the marine phytoplankton.
They are rich in chlorophyll and carotenoids, Omega 3, CoQ9 Anti-oxidants protein that are considered highly nutritious. They are rich in phyto-nutrients which is difficult to come across in plants that we consume today; thereby increasing their popularity to a greater level.

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Future of Foods; Prevention of Waste

According to a recent report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) we managed to lose a third of the world’s total food production in 2011 somewhere between production and consump- tion. In poor countries most is lost during production and at the start of the food chain, whereas in rich countries the majority of waste occurs at the end of the distribution chain, that is, in the supermarket or the consumer’s home. Consumers in rich countries throw away at least 222 million tons of food, which is as much as the total annual agricul- tural produce of Sub-Saharan Africa. In Europe and the United States this translates into an average of 95 to 115 kilos of food per consumer per year, and often this food is still perfectly edible. In Africa and Asia the amount of food waste is significantly smaller at six to 11 kilos per consumer per year. If we consider the mounting pressure on our food supply then these figures are unacceptable. In the future there will be increasing emphasis on improving the distribution chain for food prod- ucts. It will be a case of many small changes – too many to detail within this book – which together could make a substantial difference. If we can resolve the loss of produce at every stage: during growing and harvesting, by improving transport and warehousing, by curbing wastage in shops and on the part of consumers, then the threatened food shortages could be avoided in the short term. And what of farmers in this scenario? And science? And the food industry? And what is the role of govern- ment? And consumers? For all these players it will be important, as well as working on combating wastage, to closely examine their role in the food chain.

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How Do Marine Phytoplankton Supplements Help?

The importance of nutrients in aiding the growth of human body and brain cannot be denied. But we often find it difficult to eat a variety of foods or pills containing these nutrients and minerals. So there is a need for taking some supplements which provide our body with the necessary nutrients. Marine Phytoplankton is being hailed as the new super food and several supplements made from this sea plant are available in the market. Continue reading

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Marine Phytoplankton Recipes

Marine phytoplankton or microalgae is being heralded as the next superfood. How do you picture you would consume it – as pills, fresh suspension, broth, tonic? How drab that would be. Master Chefs around the world have already started to toy with the idea of mixing marine phytoplankton with various foods to get super nutritious recipes. Here is how you can enjoy your nutrition booster in a lip smacking variety of recipes. Continue reading

Marine Phytoplankton versus Fish Oil: The Better Source of Omega3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty acids like Eicosapentanoic acid or EPA, Dehexadecenoic acid or DHA, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids or MUFA and PUFA and SFA have come to the fore in recent years for their tremendous health benefits. It is logical to spend time and money researching on resources from which they can be mass produced for the benefit of the ailing masses. That brings researchers to the central question – what is the best source for Omega 3 fatty acids? Till now, fatty fish such as sardines and anchovies were considered the best source for these fatty acids, but there is something out there that will give fish a good run for its money! Continue reading