The variation in the colour of Marine Phytoplankton Nannochoropsis

Green Growth’s Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis strain produces the highest percentage of the EPA fatty acid of any Nannochloropsis offered commercially today. .Green Growth has listened to all their customer requests regarding how they value quality in Marine Phytoplankton and the most requested comment to that the “EPA content” is the most import attribute they are looking for. 

One of the particular things about Marine Phytoplankton and also this strain, is that it follows a general rule. The higher the EPA % content in the strain, the less the content of chlorophyll (green in colour) in the strain. As the product colour becomes more olive, this correlates with the biomass being a different shade of Green, moving into a more olive colour.
We have supplied a chart to show the correlation between all our recent batches of Marine Phytoplankton we have produced. You can see the ratio of each batch of Chlorophyll (green colour) and EPA, which determines the colour variation between a range of Green to Olive colour of the product.

Overview % – Car./ Chl. and EPA in batches

Chlorophyll Carotenoids EPA Colour
4,14 1,29 2,84 Green
3,72 1,08 4,84 Olive
3,24 0,97 1,85 green
2,5 0,89 3,78 Olive/green
3,24 0,97 7,6 Olive
2,95 1,19 8,15 Olive

Summary of the this analysis
The more olive ( and less green ) Marine Phytoplankton Nannochloropsis biomass is, the higher the most valued EPA nutritional component is in the biomass. A bright green product does not mean the best quality nutritional product. In fact the more olive the product looks, the better the nutritional quality is. 


Juice Bars- A Healthier Alternative

By Stephanie Clarke

In today’s busy schedule, finding a healthy on the go drink or meal becomes difficult. Juice bars are useful alternatives that have garnered a lot of popularity in recent times. Today it has become quite common to see a lot of young corporate workers spending a lot of their time in these outlets giving their body a surprising healthy drink that the body doesn’t often expect.
The growth of these juice bars has led to a lot of changes in them. Several juice bars started with a mere fresh vegetable and fruit juice and are today serving several different healthy green eatables ranging from salads to sandwiches. However there are a certain set of health drinks that have gained more popularity than others. It could either be their taste or the benefits they provide to their health.
–    Nearly every juice shop has this in their menu today and it has become a very common addition in many people’s diet today. Apart from being a refreshing part of ones meal they also are a great to be included into ones diet. Here are a few reasons why smoothies are extremely popular today.  shop

–    Smoothies are an easy way to include fruits and vegetables into your diet. The daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in the body are a hard demand to compensate and despite people’s best efforts they aren’t able to satisfy this due to their hectic lifestyle.

–     Lifestyle improvement in terms of healthiness is something that smoothies have shown to provide. Study shows that smoothies help people meet their daily requirements of fruits and vegetables to the maximum extent which does not happen in other cases. Also there has been a major change in these people’s disease pattern as they haven’t had problems due to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Super shots are drinks made from high powered plants like ginger, wheatgrass, Acai Berry, Aloe Vera, Noni, Marine Phytoplankton etc.

–    Recent trends have shown that people have taken a liking to these juices and there is a huge increase in their sales. There are several benefits of consuming these juices.

– Super shots are different from juices as they are able to preserve the nutrients present in the above mentioned plants without destroying them as in regular juices. This means that a person can get all the necessary requirements with ease.

– Also consuming these high powered plants in food and other eateries is not easy as only a small amount is used in preparation.
Algae Marine Phytoplankton
Plankton for long has been one of the most commonly used ingredients in health drinks. Though most plankton aren’t as healthy as they seem. Researchers have now come up with a much greater version of plankton known as the marine phytoplankton.
They are rich in chlorophyll and carotenoids, Omega 3, CoQ9 Anti-oxidants protein that are considered highly nutritious. They are rich in phyto-nutrients which is difficult to come across in plants that we consume today; thereby increasing their popularity to a greater level.

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The Newest Super Nutrient – Marine Phytoplankton

Little did a morbidly obese man whose body was slowly giving up on him realize that he would find the miracle cure for his ailments in something that is so abundant, that it is found on the surface of all oceans and makes up 90% of all oxygen available on the planet! Gijs Starre is the founder of Green Growth, the provider of a super concentrated micro alga or marine phytoplankton called Nannochloropsis gaditana. This miniscule single celled marine ‘plant’ is the answer to superfoods like Spirulina or reserveratrol, harboring some of the most potent supernutrients ever known to man. Continue reading

Marine Phytoplankton and High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is the single most important risk factor for stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, and heart attack. It is often called the “silent killer” as there are usually no symptoms.

A good diet is important in controlling blood pressure. Factors such as salt intake, amount and type of dietary fat, cholesterol, protein and fiber, as well as minerals such as calcium and magnesium may affect blood pressure. Researchers attribute changes in blood pressure to certain patterns of food consumption.

Just as Marine Phytoplankton contains all sorts of beneficial nutrients, to add another to the list, Omega 3 is one of them. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to the human body, however, the body is not able to produce them, which is where Marine Phytoplankton comes into play. Continue reading

Food and Diet for Cancer Patients – Part 2

We have covered some foods that would be ideal for a cancer patient to consume, but some foods will also need to be avoided. Keep in mind that one diet may be different from the next and it is always important to confide in your doctor to find out what you should and should not be consuming. These are more general and although can apply to many cancer patients, may not apply to every single case. Another thing to remember is that with cancer, immune systems are weakened so avoiding foods that can cause further health issues is important. These are referred to as carcinogens and avoiding them can really help the patient. Continue reading

Marine Phytoplankton EPA vs Fish Oil EPA

The oceans of Earth contain billions of fish and phytoplankton, both good sources of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, dietary omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce your risk of heart disease. Usually, oil extracted from fatty ocean fish is used to make omega-3 fatty acid supplements, but with the discovery of the same compound in phytoplankton, a new source of this essential nutrient is now available. By Keri Gardner  Continue reading

Marine Phytoplankton and Coq9

It is no mystery that Marine Phytoplankton contains all sorts of nutrients that help to enhance ones health. One in particular, CoQ9, also called Coenzyme Q9, can be so beneficial that it can actually even assist with fighting cancer. Coenzyme Q10 can be found in every single cell in our bodies and is needed for a cell to properly function. It can found within the small organelles of mitochondria cells, which is also known as the cells powerhouse, where energy is generated.

Scientists have discovered that Coenzyme Q9 has a very unique impact on the cells within our bodies. Specifically, it can help to fight cancer by increasing the amount of enzymes that form the defense against cancer on a cellular level. These enzymes will actually deactivate those chemicals that cause cancer; for example, DDT, which would otherwise infiltrate one’s body.

If you are not aware of what DDT is, it is a very common synthetic insecticide which was discovered in the year 1939, and was used during the last half of World War II. Its purpose was to help control typhus and malaria that plagued the troops and civilians; however, it not only causes cancer, but is a threat to wildlife. Now, however, because of Marine Plankton, DDT and other cancer causing insecticides can be helped with the supplement.

Researchers are forever searching for other ways in which Marine Phytoplankton can help us, and thus far, those benefits are undeniable. There are even individuals who on record had cancer at the Stage IV level, but have been able to regain health, all in thanks to Marine Phytoplankton. Without question, a Marine Plankton that is rich in chlorophyll helps to fight a cancer infested body in at least these four ways.

1. It works to cleanse ones blood, ridding impurities.
2. It provides both minerals and nutrients which works to correct both imbalances and deficiencies of the body.
3. It will balance the users PH levels.
4. It will increase ones oxygen levels within their body.

Being that Marine Phytoplankton can do so much, perhaps it is time that you give it a try. Some people may be wondering if they are even allowed to use Marine Phytoplankton during their chemotherapy treatments. This is a great question, and while you should always consult with your physician, the answer is, yes. There are many people who take this supplement while enduring chemotherapy treatment. As a matter of fact, many of those individuals also thank Marine Plankton for such a successful recovery, claiming that it has brought them back to life.

As we all know, chemotherapy can be very harmful to our bodies including our immune system. Someone who goes through chemotherapy will experience the feeling of being drained, without energy. However, people who have taken Marine Plankton state that they experience a significant increase of energy during their therapy.

So, not only does Marine Plankton contain Coenzyme Q9, which can help you to fight cancer, but it will also assist while you are going through chemotherapy. As further research is obtained on Marine Phytoplankton and its helpful impacts on fighting cancer, it is likely that we will continue to see positive results.

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